Do what you were born to do
in the company of others who are doing
what they were born to do.

Powered by AI, transmedia, and a 500 year old tradition of Discernment.

Powered by AI, transmedia, and a 500 year old tradition of Discernment.


1. Every week unlock an IGNITE
layer that gets deeper and smarter
about igniting your super powers –
from business direction and life focus,
to strategy, execution and next steps,
to joy, meaning and purpose.

2. After completing each week’s
IGNITE layer, instantly unlock a
GIFT BOX curated precisely for you:
someone to meet, an opportunity to
explore, a program, collaboration,
or venture to look into.

3. Marvel at your outcomes and
impact: even in just 1-2 weeks you
may want to IGNITE GIFTS for life.



This is your space for the
most important conversations of life.

Who am I? Why am I here? What was I born
to do? And many things between.

These are lifelong conversations;
never done, never off the to-do list
Conversations at times comforting,
at others, confronting and uneasy;
always meaningful, revealing, filling.

Here, as in all good conversation, you
speak and you listen. With your mind,
surely. But if you are true, then these
conversations are always – and perhaps
only – with your heart and soul.

This is not religion. IGNITE is
nobody else’s sacred space but yours
We hope you visit often, weekly at least.
That’s what we built this for,
that’s how to IGNITE: with frequency
and the proven force of habit,
helped along by technology.

Just log in and you’ll see a new, deeper
layer every time – all of it increasingly
more and more personalized –
for you, with you, by you.
As in all good conversation, we are
merely surfacing your deep truths.

Want more? Join us in person for monthly
Ignite Circles or quarterly Ignite Weekends,
where we take on the collective challenge
of birthing mission-driven ventures over
72 intense hours. For those solving the
world’s wicked problems who need
venture capital and partnerships, we offer
Founders Lab (Seed Capital), Founders Leap
(Growth Capital) and Founders Exchange
(Corporate Innovation Labs).

In short, we do all we can
to spur life’s most important
conversations into
action, collaboration, impact.

Whether online or in person, to IGNITE is
to embrace Greatness – by embracing with
greater clarity, depth, and authenticity
what we are born to do.

We IGNITE, therefore, not just for self,
but for each other: because what we are
born to do, we are born to do with others;
likely many others. We need each other’s

To IGNITE, we use a personalized mix of
questions we each discern for ourselves.
Our inputs – which are always kept in
utmost privacy – are then run through
algorithms, and later AI, in order to
hasten serendipities: meeting the right
people at the right time with far more
frequency, far more precision, far more
depth, far less small talk and small-
mindedness. We have smart phones,
smart TVs, smart cars – surely we can
get smart where it matters most.

IGNITE, then, is not to be mistaken for
networking, or LinkedIn, or getting social.
We’re here to connect, not on job titles,
industries or hashtags, but on the shared
desire for meaning and purpose,
A Life Fulfilled.

To do what we were born to do
in the ever-increasing company of others
who are doing what they were born to do.

Out of all this, Greatness happens.
And Transcendence. You will do things
you never in your wildest dreams
imagined, or in your loftiest ambitions
dared. And you will do it with kindred
spirits who will call you, and you them:
friends and partners.

This is the promise of IGNITE GIFTS.


What we can do for you
we did for us first.

Founders who are doing what they
were born to do find co-founders,
investors, mentors, experts in tech,
design, sales & biz dev, marketing,
operations, customer service, finance

and legal who are doing
what they were born to do.

Investors who are doing what they were
born to do find founders and teams,
the fundamental drivers of value,
who are doing
what they were born to do.

Big Company CEOs who are doing
what they were born to do find
key partners and key hires who are
doing what they were born to do;
as do Corporate Recruiters and
Executive Search Firms.

Students and Professionals who are
doing what they were born to do
find career opporuntities,
from full-time roles to internships,
projects, collaborations and other gigs
that fit beautifully
what they were born to do.

Organizations big and small nurture
cultures where people are empowered
to fulfill their greatest potential: to do
what they were born to do.

Brands connect with people, not as
consumers or customers, but as
human beings whose deepest desire
is to do and be what they were
born to do and be.



Weekly Ignite Exercises


Weekly Ignite Gift Boxes


Monthly Ignite Circles
07 OCT 2017 CIRCLE
Start a chapter in your metro
NYC | SFO | Boston | LA | Seattle | Chicago | Austin | Denver
DC | Miami | Vancouver | Toronto | Montreal | Sao Paolo
London | Paris | Madrid | Berlin | Amsterdam | Moscow
Dublin | Copenhagen | Stockholm | Zurich | Tel Aviv |
Singapore | Sydney | HK | Bangalore | Fukuoka | Tokyo | Seoul
Jakarta | Ho Chi Minh | KL | Bangkok | Yangon


Quarterly Ignite Weekends
17-19 Nov 2017 Weekend
30 Igniters team up to see what kind of mission-driven
ventures we can birth over a 3-day weekend.
An Immersion in Discernment: How To Build A
Transcendent Venture.
Out of town venue and details TBA.


Ignite Founders Exchange
Corporate Innovation Labs


Ignite Founders Lab
Startup Funding


Ignite Founders Leap
Growth Funding



What happens by the 30th day,
or the 3rd month, or after a year
when every week, week after week:


We get to know ourselves with more
clarity, depth, and authenticity?


We keep meeting the
right people at the right time?


We keep meeting the
right opportunities at the right time?


What mighty things we can dare,
What wicked problems we can solve,
What greatness we can unleash,


When people do
what they were born to do
in the ever increasing company of
others who are doing
what they were born to do.


Our mission is universal:
to Ignite Gifts of all for all.


Our commitment is global:
by 2020 to be in 50 major metros,
and go from there.


We are also a Filipino movement.


By 2025, we will have birthed
in collaboration with you, our co-Igniters,
and through millions of purpose-driven
connections nurtured via Ignite Gifts,
The first Filipino Unicorn:

The first Filipino startup
that impacts humanity
and matters on a global scale

(and thus achieves a fully sustainable
billion-dollar++ valuation)