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The Wicked Labs Manila

100M-TO-1B Catalyst Fund


signifying both the initial PhP100M seed fund we’re investing
and the impact we seek by attacking wicked problems affecting 100M Filipinos.


signifying both the target PhP 1B in venture funds invested by 2020
and the impact we seek by building the first Filipino unicorn:
the first billion-dollar Filipino company that will impact humanity
and matter on a global scale, affecting at least 1 Billion people.


Far more so than technology, it is innovation driven by
empathy, joy, meaning, purpose, desire, pain, compassion - it is the very essence of being human
that can make wicked human conditions right again.


For now, this is the focal point of our attack on wicked problems:

How do we give millions of our most vulnerable Filipinos
(e.g., un-employable, under-employed, AI-threatened BPOs, OFWs, single mothers, seniors, etc.)
equal chance at what we all desire and deserve as human beings:
the chance to make the most of our God-given gifts?


You don’t have to be an innocent bystander.
Here are 6 ways we will beat wicked problems. Which ones will you be a part of?
Email us at [email protected]. Let’s make it happen.


We will unleash Manila’s greater Silicon Valley
by creating critical mass energy and sustained opportunities
to attack the wicked problems in our midst.


We will actively work with Manila’s top startup innovators and most powerful corporations
to build ventures that attack wicked problems, not as charity work or PR,
but as an integral part of creating shareholder value.


We will actively invest in ventures that attack wicked problems. But that is not enough.
We will work with the country’s richest corporations and families to build a Filipino venture
capital system grounded on attacking wicked problems through innovation.


We will actively partner with the country’s biggest organizations
(businesses, schools, government, etc.) in order to fast-track critical testbeds and superusers
on behalf of ventures that are attacking wicked problems.


We will actively foster collaborations between founders and innovators
who are attacking wicked problems. These problems are too big for small-mindedness.
It will take everything everyone’s got to win.


We will actively partner with corporations and schools
to find their brilliant minds and restless hearts, and through Fellowships,
channel them into collaborative innovations that attack wicked problems.

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