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In selecting the next 100 for our second batch of Ignite Concepcion, we will consider these factors:

  • How fast you responded
  • Your responses to the RSVP questions


    WARNING: Please make sure that if you check this box, you have already completed the information below.

    For each question, please answer as honestly as you can:

    I often feel a restlessness to spot problems, improve things or make a difference.

    I am willing to put in the time, over and above my normal work duties, to work on innovation for CIC.

    I feel that I am in a position to make change happen in CIC.

    Bonus (you don’t need to fill this in, but we strongly encourage you to):

    Pick any one of the 3 questions above and tell us more about how it applies to you (i.e., share details of how you have experienced it).

    Registration is now closed. See you at the event!

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