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The Symbolisms Behind the Ignite Circle Art Installation

In Ignite Circles, we open our eyes to what is possible when people use their Genius and Purpose for a shared Mission. And we do this, literally, with a living piece of art.

Every Circle creates its own installation art: woven on the ground, lifted up by a hundred or so individuals. For a moment in time, the pieces of the puzzle come together in suspended animation. Individual genius and purpose are interconnected in the art installation, carried by collective effort. The result is a living constellation.

For an even deeper understanding of the experience, here’s a guide to the symbolisms used in the exercise:

The Pyramid

With its square base firmly on the ground and its pointed summit projecting to the sky, the pyramid is a symbol of the integration of self and soul. It represents the physical body rising from the earth and ascending towards the sun – the source of life and energy on earth.

On the pyramid, we inscribe our individual Genius – the thumbprint of our unique, unrepeated, unrepeatable selves. It is the source of our energy, and the way we are able to give back to the world around us.

The Four-Pointed Star

A type of cross, the four-pointed star captures the four parts of a human being: The Heart, the Mind, the Will and the Conscience.

When we expand our pyramids into a star, we transform our Genius into something bigger than its original form. On the star, we write our individual Purpose – where we pour all aspects of our being into something greater than ourselves.

The Radial Hoop and the Human Element

A circle has no beginning or end; neither does our shared Mission to make this world a better place. We attach our individual pieces onto the hoop to symbolize beauty of Collaboration. We lift up the collective artwork to symbolize the transformative power of Innovation.

What is so magical about this art installation?

With every Ignite Circle, a different artwork will be created. This is by design. The human art installation is a product of time, space and people. While the Ignite Circles have similar formats, each one brings together a new mix of passionate, creative people. Their individual pieces and collective psyche are unique, unrepeated and unrepeatable for all time – a truth that the temporal artwork will always reflect.


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