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Bayanihan Center, Pasig

It was not your usual performance.

Sure, there were scene breaks and theatrical entrances and exits. But there were also over a hundred participants, no real stage, and a lot of unrehearsed action.

This was Ignite Circle 6 – the coming together of 105 individuals for an afternoon of insight, conversation and collaborative art.

As a performance, it didn’t quite fit a particular genre. There was a little bit of everything – from individual discernment to sharing stories with small groups, to working hands-on with every single person in the room to create something unique, unrepeated and unrepeatable.

Collaborative art and unrehearsed action

It was a new version of the Circle. Those who’ve attended any of the Circles in the past can attest to the changes in program and delivery. Yet the essence of Ignite – Genius, Purpose, Mission, Collaboration, Innovation – remained.

People stood up to talk about their “madness”; about trusting and “just showing up.” They mused aloud on improbability, randomness, and how the collision of worlds in Ignite was a miracle in itself. They spoke of conversations they with the entrepreneurs, doctors, educators, architects, enablers in the room – people from all walks of life, approaching today’s problems from their own corners of the world. “I came without expectations,” said one participant. “What algorithm brought us together?” Another shared: “I didn’t know there were people like you, who are thinking along the same lines. This is my bigger circle.”

Connections – to the self and others

The afternoon was a glimpse of what is possible when passionate and able people come together for a shared mission. And the world needs this kind of fire, if we are to solve humanity’s most wicked problems. The task is great, but the people are able – and just might be willing and ready to take it on. Judging from the many conversations among change makers throughout the event, the spark has been lit.

If anything, Ignite Circle 6 was the first step of a longer journey – to fulfill the necessary progression: from Genius, to Purpose and Mission, to Collaboration, and ultimately, to Innovation and Impact.

A glimpse of what is possible

As the Ignite Manifesto declares, this is the path of transcendence. This is how we lift each other to heights we never in our wildest dreams, or loftiest ambitions, dared. And now, 105 more Igniters have been unleashed to set the world on fire.

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