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The Globe Tower, Bonifacio Global City

“We’re seriously thinking of doing something as a group.”

“Let’s exchange numbers so we can continue the conversation!”

And, “Let’s make it happen.”

These were snatches of conversation post-Circle 7 last May 5, while everyone was still high from the discernment, collaboration and idea exchange that just happened. It’s mind-boggling to realize that a mere five hours earlier, these people were virtually strangers. Suddenly, they’re raring to collaborate – for no less than tackling Mega Manila’s most wicked problems.  Are they a bunch of crazies? No doubt. Crazy AND Ignited.

The magic happened, fittingly, in The Globe Tower, Bonifacio Global City – home and headquarters of Globe Telecom, a kindred spirit when it comes to igniting purpose, among its employees and beyond. VP for Service Culture and Strategy Communications Nature Maramag-Calderon celebrated this intersection of values, as she opened the afternoon with a warm welcome for all Igniters.

Our venue partner Globe is a kindred spirit in encouraging people to “find your own personal Purpose.”

Nature Calderon of Globe welcomes all Circlers with a message on finding and pursuing Purpose.

The venue was not the only new element in Circle 7. The Manifesto said it well: Shared Mission leads ultimately to Innovation. It took seven Circles, one retreat and two xCHANGES for Ignite to identify the ground zero of wicked problems – unemployment.

Ignite Founder Andre Yap discusses Ground Zero of wicked problems in Mega Manila: Unemployment.

“Take home some trash. Let’s take ownership of the wicked problems!”

Tens of thousands of Filipinos do not have access to work, and the dignity that accompanies it. They cannot be a part of the solution to other problems – poverty, lack of healthcare, poor education, transport woes, and so on – while they are still part of the problem. As a movement that believes in the power of human potential, it is only natural for Ignite to zero in on this as its first great shared Mission.

A Circler writes about the fruits of his guided discernment.

In Ignite, the pyramid is a metaphor for one’s Genius. It opens into a four-pointed star, symbolizing how opening up to the world’s needs allows a person to embrace his or her Purpose.

Circlers in a moment of reflection.

This debuted in Circle 7, as Circlers were invited to see how their individual Genius and Purpose could contribute to the Mission. The Circle began the same way, with guided personal reflection on gifts, joy and compassion. Circlers then broke out into small groups – this time using game boards to navigate their way from Genius and Purpose, to Collaboration and Innovation around the shared Mission.

A gamified journey into the natural progression of Genius, Purpose, Mission, Collaboration and Innovation.

Connecting through Purpose forged deep connections, even in one short afternoon.

Breakout groups sharing the fruits of their session, World Cafe-style.

With each round of sharing, groups were able to better clarify their insights and sharpen their messaging.

It was part Retreat, part xCHANGE, part Participative Performance Art – a taste of everything that Ignite is about. The Circle culminated in a challenge posed to every new Igniter: How will your Genius impact a world that so badly needs you?

A triumph of Collaboration and Innovation, by the Igniters of Circle 7.

Judging by the conversations during the socials and the feedback we’ve received since the weekend, it’s game on for Igniters. We can’t wait to see what happens next.


Special thanks to our sponsors, Teeling Whiskey, Molly’s Irish Cream, Ungava Gin and Sunquick Philippines, who provided “creative juice” throughout Circle 7 – no doubt fuelling the intense conversations!







Ignite would also like to thank Good Meal Hunting for nourishing the Circlers with healthy kimbaps, mini burgers and cream puffs.






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