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Finally! After a spiritual drought that’s felt like a purgatorial 2 or 3 weeks (can’t say for sure), a breakthrough as warm, bright and embracing as this Tuesday morning’s glorious sunshine!

This gift was ushered in by my favorite Jesuit romantic, Fr. Bert Ampil – for which I rewarded him with a big hug, haha. After the crushing period of darkness where I felt like I was on my spiritual knees unable to hear or make anything out, I could have kissed the jolly old guy and he knows it.

The message:

Age Quod Agis. Do what you are doing.

Fr. Bert tells the story as per Jesuit lore: St. Stan Kostka was playing handball with his fellow Jesuit novices when the question came up: what would you do if an angel of God literally came down in our midst and said you had 5 minutes to live?

While everyone else gave the predictable universe of answers, the future saint (after whom the Ateneo High School chapel is named) replied to the shock of his colleagues:

I will continue playing handball.

Because at this moment this is what God wants me to do. And so I will do it solely, with singular focus, and to the best of my abilities.

Age Quod Agit. Do what you are doing. AMDG, for God’s greater glory.

Thank you and loud and clear, my Lord.

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