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 You’re invited to one of life’s most important conversations.

Be it extraordinary career breakthroughs, hardcore innovations, or venture capital investments, we’re encountering Compassion a lot these days
– a stubborn x-factor for greatness.

Join us to decode this mystery and how it might just apply to you.

Friday, 29 June 2018
6:00 - 10:00 pm
Unit 29-A
Pacific Plaza Condominium
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
(Access via entrance 
on Apartment Ridge Road;
ask for Hsu Residence)

In keeping with the Fireside's informal vibe,
we will order food for sharing
and encourage you to bring
drinks or dessert to share.

One of my great joys in Ignite is having deep conversations with so many people who want to change the world. Here’s how compassion keeps entering so many of my recent conversations. It’s a theme I feel I must share with you.

“So you want Greatness. 

The thing is, you won’t have enough fire to sustain you through this long, winding, twisted road, nor will you be able to fire up people – whether it’s to believe in your vision, care about your mission, join your team, invest in your venture, or be your customer – if your innovation is fuelled only by issues, industry or ideology, or if your passion is merely for tech, market or business model.”


I’m usually more than a bit agitated at this point in the conversation – a mix of anticipation and impatience. I’m talking to really smart people who are really passionate about innovation and impact in healthcare, education, jobs, the environment, consumerism, social justice, even the legal system! Really good stuff – yet I’m challenging the nobility of their work! Will they let me in, or will something inside them build a Mexican wall worthy of Donald Trump?

I continue on. 

“We must dig deeper, way deeper. To find the true heart of passion, we must find COMpassion. I want to hear you talk about your WHO!  

Who are the flesh and blood human beings whose blood, sweat, or tears you care about? What are their names? What is their story? Why do you care? How did it come about that out of all the people in the world, this is the slice of humanity you care so truly, deeply, madly about? What is your special insight, experience, or expertise – indeed, what is your pain – that makes you the one to solve their pains? 

The thing about compassion is, it’s very hard to care about people whose pains you’re not gifted to heal. Or conversely, something’s very wrong when we don’t care truly, deeply, madly about people whose pains we’re particularly gifted to heal.”


Now I’m feeling a rush of optimism. I can see it in their eyes, a breakthrough. Not quite of acceptance, but they’re nodding and nodding, and they’re asking questions that tell me they’re starting to empathize between passion vs. compassion.

“When you know your answers to these deeply personal questions of compassion, the contagion of passion will naturally ooze out of you. 

You will be unstoppable. Your story will always start in that sweet spot of who I’m doing this for and why I care so much; and it will never sound like a pitch. Compassion will rouse you out of bed every morning, and it will keep you going when the darks days visit and stay awhile; and even in the good days, compassion will drive you to not settle, to just forge on and on because what you desire is bigger than yourself – yet every day you grow in wonder, amazement and conviction that the solution lies very much within you.


At this point, I’m getting high on a mix of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. This is my happiness potion: knowing I am making a difference in people’s lives that allows them to make a difference in other people’s lives. Compassion is like a drug (not that boring me has tried that). You’re getting high on one of life’s highest highs, and you keep looking for more.

I look forward to seeing you this Ignite Fireside 3!

– Andre, on behalf of Ignite Corps ’18

Seats are limited, so I would greatly appreciate your RSVP.



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