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Feb 22, 2018 | Discovery Primea, Makati

On weekdays, we hit the ground running. There’s a flurry of activity during work hours – the streets are jam-packed, offices are buzzing with activity, devices are ringing with calls, messages and email notifications. Everyone seems to be doing something or going somewhere.

Space, pace and pause at the Ignite 21 Retreat

But what, and where, exactly? For a few hours on a Thursday afternoon, 21 individuals were hard at work, not in pursuit of profit or productivity, but of purpose. This was the first Ignite 21, a weekday retreat for those who are seeking more from their lives and careers.

Diverse backgrounds, similar journeys

There was introspection. A lot of conversation. And a lengthy discussion on finding space, pace and pause amidst the busyness of life. In short, it was the opposite of running. But we got far – much farther.

Time for both introspection and intimate conversations

As a follow-through from Ignite Circles, in Ignite 21, participants were asked to reflect more deeply on their genius, purpose and mission. Unlike the Circles, however, the focus was not on discovery, but on paying attention to the shifts and movements within. Where are they on their journeys? What happened since their first Ignite encounter? What has changed, and what has remained constant? How can contemplation and action go hand in hand, in the flurry of schedules and work demands?

A focus on internal shifts and the need for reflection

These are lifelong conversations, meant to simmer as steady fuel for the long journeys ahead. The retreat equipped participants with the proper tools and attitudes towards discernment, so that they could revisit these conversations more regularly, with new insights every time. But it wasn’t all serious talk.

As the sun set over Manila on that first of many Thursday retreats, Igniters from all corners of the Metro joined the 21 for even more conversations over happy hour. In those pocket discussions on life, work and everything in between, the igniting of the city continues.

Deeper connections strengthen the Ignite movement

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