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Born in the USA and growing up in Asia, the Center for University-Based Enterprise & Development builds and invests in startup hubs and venture accelerators dedicated to creating collaborative, geo-concentrated corridors of innovation among faculty, alumni, students and the broader communities encompassed by leading universities, including private corporations and investors.

The CUBED mission is to democratize entrepreneurship – through universities, to reach out to people from all walks and offer entrepreneurship as a viable career choice, one that feeds passion and purpose, builds on one’s talents, and affords a life of one’s choosing. And yes: makes the world a better place.

CUBED started in New Haven, Connecticut as [email protected], hosted by the University of New Haven and located strategically between Boston and New York City. CUBED’s current development is 1.4 K-COR, in the Katipunan Corridor of Quezon City, straddling 1.4 kilometers between 2 of Asia’s finest universities, Ateneo de Manila University and the University of the Philippines.

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