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The core idea for Ibiza Beach Club was to emulate the vibe of Eivissa – that you could have the best of both worlds in dining and entertainment. And why not? The Philippines already has some of the most stunning beaches and sunsets in the world; all one had to do was perfect the formula with good food and world-class entertainment. Where one could be barefoot yet elegant, loose yet refined.

The Balearic-inspired 15-course Signature Grill is at the heart of Ibiza Beach Club. Premium meats and fresh seafood with a most impressive selection of fine wines, tapas to eat the night away and housing the most advanced sound and lighting system in the country, D & B Audiotechnik and Martin Audio to better highlight the Ibiza Beach Club Show Team. In-house as well as guest DJs spin the decks on some nights, and featured bands on other nights.

Bespoke entertainment productions provided by the Ibiza Beach Club Performing Arts Academy, where the magic is conceived and executed by aspiring talents with background in theater and the performing arts. As the Ibiza Beach Club brand gains traction with franchises globally, the Academy will train and groom talent purely for the brand.
At Ibiza Beach Club, we advocate living life well. In essence, our attention to detail and time spent putting together elements worthy of the vision that is Ibiza Beach Club is for you to feel that you are enveloped in undeniable quality. The cutlery is tailor-made to the brand – logo is laser-etched on sandblast satin finish by Sola from Switzerland, a company that began producing silverware 150 years ago, in 1866. In the First Class dining section, stunning gunmetal black cutlery is in place, applied by a technology known as vacuum deposition method. Bespoke tableware etched with the Ibiza Beach Club logo also commissioned from Sola Switzerland. As you bite into any of the items from our 15-course Balearic-inspired Signature Grill, the unprecedented amount of juice oozing out of every morsel would not be possible without the grill from Scheer Brazil, the leading producer of the world’s best grills for over 20 years. Guest Service Officers are in Cary Santiago, Service Attendants’ uniforms are designed by fashion’s powerhouse as well; made more meaningful because of his deep and personal love of the Ibiza Beach Club brand.

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