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We see a long-tail of text-heavy IP – books, seminars, research, white papers, dissertations, entire libraries of curricula, certificate, and degree programs at every level and branch of learning; from K-12 to PhD; from law, medicine and management, to history, psychology and self-help.


What happens when this long tail of difficult-to-grasp, text-heavy material meets industrial-scale technologies capable of producing thousands of videos daily and distributing them instantly through web, mobile and visually-rich devices like iPads? What is the impact not just in terms of distribution (which we’ve known for a while), but more so in terms of quantum leaps in pedagogical efficacy when (not if) we shift from text-heavy to video-rich? What happens when distribution and pedagogy finally combine to create universal access?


These are the questions we turn into game-changing ventures at OpenTV. We are a disruption platform focused on opening up Corporate Television’s industrial-scale video production and content distribution technologies to new markets beyond our core corporate applications. OpenTV is thought up by owners, creators and consumers of intellectual property, developed in KCOR’s venture accelerator, and funded by venture capital.

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