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To serially start up, scale and sustain transcendent ventures, we need the kind of capital that’s willing and able to come in early, make decisive bets on founders, and commit capacity, network and resources to back them all the way to transcendence.

The Y Groupe invests in seed stage opportunities and follow-on capital requirements. We also work with investors and corporate venturing groups to develop and fund private equity and strategic investment opportunities, including startup, buyout, special purpose and roll-up vehicles.

Unique to The Y Groupe is COI. The Customer Ownership Initiative is our proprietary platform for evaluating and managing private equity investments as a portfolio of customer segments, the key lever being to maximize customer lifetime value: to own the customer. With COI, we can build and invest beyond the traditional confines of industry and sector. Our allegiance is to high-value customers, we follow them and build trusted relationships across sectors. Thus, we are more interested in building portfolio around mothers, diabetics, or migrant workers than in defining investments around sectors like retail, healthcare, banking, technology, gaming, video, mobile, etc.

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