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You’re invited to Manila’s most curated gathering. Find out why.

Rise and shine to Manila’s greater Silicon Valley.

Yes, Manila. We’re not the world’s second most populous city for nothing (behind Tokyo’s 33MM, ahead of NYC’s 17MM).

Every day in our bustling metropolis of 24,000,000, we wake to a laboratory-full of the world’s most wicked problems. 

Which puts us in pole position to solve them. We enjoy a massive advantage being so up close and personal to a whole biodiversity of the world’s most pressing problems, – and thus, to a universe of innovations!

Time to wake up, Manila.

We need a very different kind of Silicon Valley (and Makati Business Club!) when one of the world’s hottest and most fundamentally sound economies is also home to one of its most broken demographics.

Manila’s store of wicked problems holds a torrent of potential unicorns, billion-dollar innovations that impact humanity and matter on a global scale like no other Filipino enterprise

– if we cared enough to solve them. 

This is what every IGNITE xCHANGE is about.

We ignite compassion and fan the flames of our inimitable brand of innovation that has spawned PHP100M++ in venture investments in the last 12 months alone.

And for you, this added thrill of discovery. Of all the people we could have chosen:


What is it in you that could be, with all of us, a force for innovation and impact?


Please RSVP below:


Seats are free, but limited.
By Invitation Only.
No RSVP, No Entry

    Here’s a sneak peek at IGNITE xCHANGE IV:

    1. Now that we’ve found Ground Zero of Manila’s wicked problems… You’ll get up close and personal to Public Enemy #1 – not just here in Manila, but for over one billion people all over the world. 

    We’ll keep its identity hidden for now –  because one of its most dangerous weapons is its ability to camouflage its evil and convince you “Ahhh, I’ve seen this one before, it’s not that bad. Doesn’t really affect me.” 

    2. We gather 100 of Manila’s bright minds, restless spirits, and experienced hands. The more we dig into it, the more complex and inter-connected the problems revealed in Ground Zero. Wicked, totally, wicked!

    The more, then, we must turn to collaboration. The more, then, we have come to believe and be filled with fight and optimism that this too we shall overcome.

    But it will demand a scale and re-imagining of collaboration so different and audacious it is itself (collaboration) the first of many innovations needed to attack ground zero.

    Diversity is key. Among us, we have titans in industries that reach far into homes, into our health and finances, into the very infrastructure of our lives. They are joined by luminaries in tech, education, labor and economics, right alongside innovators who are pushing the envelope in fields like collaborative consumption and the sharing economy, AI, Iot, blockchain, healthtech, edutech, fintech, and more.

    3. We use algorithms and experiential design thinking to create an exhilarating mix of exchanges. From generals sharing directly from the battlefield, to game-enhanced breakouts and plenaries, we challenge ourselves to identify the most viable opportunities to innovate and collaborate in Ground Zero. 

    4. As your hosts for every IGNITE xCHANGE, we make sure the flow of energy and ideas continues beyond the day of. We extend the experience through transmedia platforms that sustain continuing exchange, and real-time updates on ongoing collaborations and how our community is acting on the mix of ideas and energy exchanged. 

    5. Finally, we invest and execute on the best fruits of our IGNITE xCHANGE, opening the door and facilitating collaboration for those of us who want to participate. When a viable innovation opportunity emerges, we commit resources to nurture and pursue innovation: from idea, to design and prototype, through rapid ready-fire-aim MVP (Minimum Viable Product) sprints that test and bring innovations to market in 6-month commitments.  

    Please RSVP below:

    Seats are free, but limited.
    By Invitation Only.
    No RSVP, No Entry

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